Our standard base houseboats do not include an engine. An upgraded version with helm, navigational lighting and engine can be added for an additional cost. Ask your sales rep for details.

  • Visit our showroom or online boat builder (coming soon) to see if our products are a good fit for you.
  • Select the size of your custom floating home.
  • Discuss layout and any upgrades with your sales rep (motorized, trailer, custom color schemes, etc).
  • Once you decide on a perfect floating home for you, a purchase agreement will be sent.
  • Once the purchase agreement is signed and deposit is made, you will meet with your sales rep to select interior/exterior finishes and color schemes.
  • Any upgrades not indicated on the original purchase agreement will be signed off on and an amendment to the purchase agreement will be sent.
  • Once Modern Struktkures has received your downpayment, the boat build will begin.

Delivery is independent of Modern Struktures and all fees and costs are to be paid by the client. Bad 2D Bone Trailer and Transporting is a transportation company that we refer our customers to, but buyer’s are welcome to use their company of choice. To calculate transportation, the finished boat will be leaving from the Modern Struktures Facility in West Park, Florida.

Each dock requires specialized bracketing systems that are included in your purchase. Depending on the bracketing system necessary, we adjust and attach the system to existing pilings. We also work closely with a dock contractor that if necessary, is able to attach spuds.

All of our unit’s interiors and exteriors are completely customizable. Therefore you are able to add or remove any of the following options that come included with the purchase:

  • Kitchenette includes a mini fridge, air fryer/mini oven/ microwave combo, butcher block countertop, workstation sink.  A full size version of any appliance is available as an upgrade.
  • Bathroom includes a walk-in shower, sink/toilet combo/macerator.
  • Two bracket mounted flat screen televisions are included
  • Units have a 12,000 BCU, mini split AC/Heater and Parusan waste management system (an alternative pump-out waste storage tank is available at no additional cost

Reapplication of zinc plates for corrosion control needs to be reapplied every 6 months, depending on the salinity of the surrounding environment. Divers should be scheduled to come and clean the pontoons from algae and barnacles (or this can be done yourself).

Modern Struktures does not provide insurance or financing but your sales representative can direct you to resources our clients have used in the past.

All units are accompanied by a 4-year limited warranty.