Elevate Your Marina’s Income with Modern Struktures Houseboats: Harness the Power of Permanent or Short-Term Rentals

Raise the bar on your marina’s profitability with Modern Struktures Houseboats. Swap ordinary slip rents with higher rental income by offering long term living arrangements or AirBNB opportunities and earn up to $18K per slip, per month.

Our 36′ and 40′ units are fully equipped with a full kitchen and bath, ample outdoor space and sleeps 4 – 6. We will help you evaluate your available slip space and discuss the best options for revenue generation. We also have a unique marina partnership program, contact us for more information.

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Shift from Slip Rent to Airbnb Bliss

Convert standard slip rent to short-term rental income. Turn your marina into an Airbnb hotspot and watch your revenue swell.

Attract Adventurers, Maximize Marina Appeal

Owning Modern Struktures houseboats boosts your marina’s appeal. Travelers flock to unique experiences, and your marina becomes the go-to destination for unforgettable stays.

Spotlight on Marina Success

Become the talk of the harbor! A marina filled with charming houseboats paints a picture of innovation, attracting a flood of boaters eager to experience the lifestyle.

Provide Affordable Housing

As of 2023, Florida has only 26 affordable and available rental units for every 100 households with incomes of 0-30 percent of AMI, a deficit of 398,715 units.  By purchasing Modern Strukturs for your slips and creating a rental community, you will see a yearly return of 18% on your investment – per slip.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your marina’s profitability or transform its identity, Modern Struktures Houseboats offer the perfect solution. Embrace innovation, captivate travelers, and add value to your property.  Ask us about in-house financing with 50% down.

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