Our Story

Pioneering Houseboat Elegance

At Modern Struktures, our journey began as a tale of ingenuity, determination, and a serendipitous alignment of circumstances. The foundation of our success lies in a blend of innovation, craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to revolutionize waterside living.

Our Humble Origins: A Dream Anchored in Reality

The inception of Modern Struktures is a story deeply rooted in personal aspirations and a vacant dock space behind the founder and boat builder’s Hollywood, Florida home. Faced with an empty expanse of water and a vision to bring it to life, Michael Saavedra embarked on a quest to explore existing houseboat options that could fill the space. However, the quest revealed a stark reality: well-constructed, affordable houseboats were a rarity. Undeterred, Michael decided to chart an unconventional course—to build his own.

The Genesis of Innovation:
Crafting the First Concept Boat

Armed with determination and fueled by the desire to create something extraordinary, Mike delved into the world of houseboat design and construction. The result was the birth of our very first concept boat—an elegant amalgamation of form and function. Little did he know that this initial creation would become more than just a houseboat—it would be a sanctuary during a pandemic and the catalyst for an incredible journey.

From Extra Housing to a Thriving Venture: The Pandemic Pivot

As the world grappled with unprecedented challenges, Mike’s concept boat evolved from a simple structure to a haven of refuge. The pandemic presented an unexpected opportunity—the concept boat seamlessly transformed into extra housing, providing solace and shelter when it was needed most. Subsequently, it found a new identity as an Airbnb, extending its welcoming embrace to those seeking a unique retreat. Not only did it create an income stream for Mike’s mom, but it also kindled the spark of an idea that would transform the future.

A Ripple Effect: Neighbors, Community, and the Birth of Modern Struktures

Neighbors, intrigued by the allure of waterside living, caught wind of Mike’s ingenious creation. Enthralled by the concept and captivated by the craftsmanship, they urged him to craft similar floating abodes for them. Modern Struktures was thus born—a venture grounded in a genuine demand for well-crafted, elegant houseboats that transcended the norm. Mike’s ability to seamlessly blend architectural finesse, comfort, and affordability resonated deeply, sparking a trend that would shape the waterfront landscape.

Partnership with an Institutionally Trained Entrepreneur: Facilitating Rapid Expansion

In 2023, Michael partnered with local entrepreneur and investor Brian Duggan to accelerate the growth of the business. Brian brings the company over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, having built and sold several companies and raised capital from notable family offices and institutional investors. Brian also appeared on The Shark Tank for his first business, JumpForward, which was ultimately sold to Vista Equity Group.

Brian has helped surround Michael and Modern Struktures with a team of seasoned executives across all business disciplines, implemented institutional best practices, and positioned the company for an institutional capital raise to take Modern Struktures national.

As the company continues to grow, it empowers homeowners to reimagine their relationship with water, redefining the purpose of floating structures. From extra home space and guest houses to unconventional working areas, pop-up shops, and beyond, the possibilities are as limitless as the horizon.